How To Care for Your Swimsuit: Our Tips and Tricks

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When you’ve found the perfect swimsuit, you want it to last as long as possible and keep looking good all season. Whether you wear your swimsuits every day or just occasionally while on vacation, sunlight, pool chemicals, suncream and body oil can all take their toll on the fabric, so it pays to take a little time to learn how to look after your swimwear properly. H2 : 1. Choose high-quality swimsuits For anyone who loves spending sunny days on the beach or by the pool, it pays to invest in high-quality swimwear. Our designers create our luxury women’s swimwear range from a variety of fibres chosen for their softness, longevity and performance. They include nylon and polyester, chosen for their durability. These materials have good resistance to fading and also to chlorine. Lycra or Spandex as it is sometimes known is also blended with other fibres to add stretch to swimsuit fabric; its elasticity improves the comfort of the swimsuit and ensures a great fit. H2 : 2. Read the care label After a day of fun in the sunshine, it might be tempting to just take off your swimsuit and throw in into the washing machine. However, it’s essential to read the care label as swimwear should be washed by hand. The instructions will specify the water temperature and whether or not to use soap. H2 : 3. Always wash your swimsuits after using them Nearly all swimsuits contain lycra. Body oils and perspiration react with lycra fibres and stretch them so it’s important to remove these substances from your swimsuit as soon as possible after wearing. This will help to retain its shape. Chlorine can also reduce your swimsuit’s elasticity and can also change its colour - this is particularly evident with white bikinis, which can turn yellowish. So if you wear your swimsuit in a pool or hot tub, rinse it afterwards in cold water. If you can leave it to soak for half an hour or so, even better, as this will get rid of most of the chlorine trapped in the fibres. H2 : 4. Wash your swimsuit by hand Rinsing in plain water is not enough on its own as it will not remove all the body oils and traces of sun cream from your swimsuit. Hand wash in a sink of cool water with about a tablespoonful of hand washing detergent liquid. Powder detergent is unsuitable - it will not dissolve in cool water and particles will remain trapped in the fibres of your swimsuit.
H2 : 5. Avoid washing machines Never put your swimsuit in a washing machine. The vigorous washing cycle of a washing machine will cause pulled threads and bobbling on the delicate fabric of your bathing suit while the laundry detergents used in washing machines are far too harsh and will cause the fabric to deteriorate. H2 : 6. Avoid dryers and do not dry your swimsuits directly under the sun Never put your swimsuit in a tumble dryer, even on low heat, as it will damage the fabric. We also recommend that you avoid commercial swimsuit dryers at the pool or gym as these can sometimes cause snags in delicate fabrics. Sunlight will eventually fade the colours of even the highest quality materials so it’s best to hang up your swimsuit to dry away from direct sunlight. H2 : 7. Avoid direct contact with certain materials When wearing your swimsuit, avoid direct contact with stone, concrete or wood as they can cause snags and pulls in the fabric. Sit or lie on a towel instead! H2 : 8. Avoid direct contact with cosmetic products The oils used in cosmetics and sun creams can also cause the fabric of your swimsuit to deteriorate so be careful when applying them. If you should get anything greasy on it, wash as soon as possible with lukewarm water and a little liquid detergent. H2 : 9. Handle delicate swimsuits with care If you’ve chosen a swimsuit embellished with jewels, sequins, beads or glitter, you’ll want to preserve its beauty for as long as possible. Be extra careful when handling delicate padded swimsuits and underwired bikinis as the intricate details are easily damaged or dislodged by careless treatment. H2 : 10. Do not iron the swimsuit Never iron a swimsuit: it’s unnecessary as the swimsuit will not crease and the fabric will melt if it comes into contact with a hot iron.



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