Discover the most flattering shape of swimsuit for your body type

Our wide range of swimwear shapes and colors allows any woman to find the right fit. However, not every swimsuit shape fits every woman. That’s why it is essential to know which shapes match your figure. Once you will know how to deal with it, you’ll be able to enhance your best assets and feel 100% comfortable in your Banana Moon swimsuit.

Discover the most flattering styles and shapes of swimsuit for women according to your body type here!

Curious? Let’s take a look!

Do you have the hourglass body type?

The hourglass body type is easy to recognize. It actually looks hourglass. If you have this body type, then your waistline is narrower than the top and bottom of your torso. Your shoulders and hips are also very similar in width.

If you have determined that you have the hourglass body type, we recommend you :

  • the classic bikini,
  • swimsuits with straps and underwires,
  • full coverage bottoms.

Classic bikinis are perfect for you, because they will enhance your perfectly proportioned shoulders and hips! If you are large chested, then the underwires are very useful. Indeed, underwires will avoid your swim top to slip with every movement you make in the water. In addition to preventing back pain. Comfort and safety first! Regarding the full coverage bottoms, they can create a balanced proportion between your hips and tummy.

On the other hand, we recommend that you avoid the bandeau and tube designs, which often do not provide you the support you need.

Do you have the pear/triangle body type?

This one is very common and so simple to identify! Are your hips wider than your shoulders? Then, it is very probable that you have the pear body type. If so, then these swimsuits are the most flattering for you:

  • push-up bra swimsuits,
  • swimwear with ruffles,
  • off-shoulders designs,
  • high-waisted bathing suits bottoms.

As your hips are wider than your body top, then drawing attention to your chest is a good idea. Push-up bathing suits are great, because they will add some volume to your chest and give you extra lift up top. Some trendy details, such as ruffles, can also enhance your shoulders and create a better proportioned silhouette. Regarding the bottom, the best option is the high-waisted model. It will elongate your silhouette and give you a perfect coverage.

Do you have the inverted triangle body type?

Once more, this body type is easy to determine! Your body looks like an upside down triangle? Are your chest and shoulders wider than your hips? Then, you have the inverted triangle body type! The most flattering shapes of swimsuits for you are the following ones:

  • high-leg cut one-piece swimsuits,
  • tie-side bikini bottoms,
  • bottoms with trendy details such as belts and ruffles,
  • tankinis and brazilian bikinis.

When you have an inverted triangle body, you can basically wear any top. Even so, if you are large chested, we recommend you tops with underwires and straps to give you the coverage you need.

You should focus on enhancing your slim hips. To do so, high-leg cut swimsuits are perfect! The higher the cut of your bathing suit, the more enhanced your hips will look. The high-leg will make your hips look wider and create a great balance of your silhouette. You can check our AMORES high-leg bottom with a belt, for example!

You’re not comfortable with high-leg cuts? Then, you could opt for a tie-side bottom. The details added at the hips will create a “wider hip effect” that will suit you great! Actually, any details added to bottoms, such as belts or fringes, will make your hips look wider. Therefore, they’re amazing for you!

Do you have the rectangle body type?

Are your hips and shoulders the same or very similar width? Is your waistline quite straight? Then, it is very probable that you have the rectangle body type. If so, here are the best shapes of swimsuits that you should wear:

Swimsuits that are fitted in the waist will give your waist more curves. It will create the illusion that your hips are wider and that is a great point! As for push-up tops, let’s be honest, they are ideal! They will boost the volume of your chest and draw attention to the top of your body. Perfect to attract the eyes!

Actually, the 2-piece swimsuit mix match push-up and high-waisted is very recommended. High-waisted will break up your silhouette and visually accentuate your curves.

Have you found the best shape of swimsuit for your body type? We hope that our tips have helped you!

If you still doubt and have some problems finding the perfect match, please feel free to contact us.