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  1. Maho & Wila Cheetah beige two-piece bikini
    Maho & Wila Cheetah beige two-piece bikini

    CHEETAH Beige

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If there is one color that is some evidence on beach towels this season, it is beige. Beige is a soft color that can be easily integrated into many garments and accessories. Why not adopt it in your bathing suit? We offer a range of beige tops and bottoms for women in our beige swimwear collection. Make a change from black and adopt a modern and original style with a trendy shade of beige. Whether it's plain on your tied panties and triangle bra, or with details or prints on your bandeau and high-waisted panties, beige is the perfect color for your swimsuit this summer. For more originality, opt for a mix and match between different styles from our collection and shine at the beach and pool this summer.