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One piece swimsuit

One piece swimsuit 2020 selection

One piece swimsuit : 2020 selection


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137 item(s) found

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Synonymous with relaxation, seduction, and offering great freedom of movement, the one piece swimsuit is what one can truly define as timeless in the feminine wardrobe. As the ultimate fashion accessory, it has crossed generations with class and style. 

The one piece swimsuit for women is coming back to life

At the beach and at the pool, one can wear a one piece swimsuit that is open back, push up or with a plunging neckline to make it utterly enticing. Even sexier ? The swimsuit with a high cut on the hips, like a "Baywatch" lifeguard, gave it its fame in the 80s and 90s, and it’s coming back in force this season. From the eighties and nineties spirit also comes bold type printing, with the one piece bathing suit sprayed with a word, a sentence, a message or a number. The one piece swimsuit therefore has delighted the most eccentric, but also the most reserved, who have chosen it quite covering for more modesty, restraint and discretion. Indeed, initially, it covered most of the body to prevent women from revealing too much of their silhouettes but still enjoy bathing when going to the sea. They had sleeves, hid their torsos, and were high neck swimsuits, there were even swim dresses. Now, the fabric has evolved and you will feel more comfortable in you Banana Moon one piece, while being elegant and sexier without having to wear a monokini. Whether you’re looking for a classic bathing suit with regular lines, or pieces that are more wild or sophisticated, a quick look at the 2020 swimwear collection will satisfy your expectations.



Multiple designs for all women


Depending on the design, the one piece swimsuit can come integrated with an integrated bra, a bralette, underwire, or with a bustier cut, with or without straps. To make a choice, one first takes into account their shape before choosing from a wide array of prints, multi or single color, top fashion swimsuits and must follow the size chart in order not to look scalloped on the sand. One can also prefer black for more simplicity. The one piece swimsuit is compatible with all tastes and can even be worn as a body-suit worn under jean shorts ! Worn for its sexy and slimming side, the one piece swimsuit not only delicately sculpts your figure; it also has the effect of lengthening your legs ! Small chested women will choose a push up one piece swimsuit like a padded triangle design, also perfect to show off your tanned shoulders. They can also opt for a plunge neck. If you have a large chest, a tank design in a ribbed material will gifting you an elegant coverage and some support.  

We love the one piece swimsuit, above all, for its practicality for sports activities and its fashion potential. But beware when working on our tan. Fashionable and up-to-date with the latest trends, it mixes with transparent lace or crochet inserts, ethnic or tropical prints, flowers, stripes, dots, fringes, laces or even ties. A floral printed one piece will give you a romantic and innocent look when a deep V gold swimsuit tied on the shoulders will make you the queen of the sunsets. If it has a cutout on the front, revealing your stomach, that will make a quick and easy look for going out with jean shorts. 

Classicism is no longer mandatory, and it’s been that way for quite some time ! The restraint of the one piece swimsuit of yesteryear has given way to originality, a cool attitude and freedom. Looking for a little more support? A chic one-piece or flirty swimdress with features such as push up bra and tummy control is the perfect way to smooth your waist and contour your curves for ultimate beach confidence. Discover the range of Banana Moon swimsuits for women for style in the sun.



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