Borsalino style hat 2024 selection

  1. FULLSUN HATSY black hat
    FULLSUN HATSY black hat

    HATSY Black

    HAT $65.00
  2. FULLSUN HATSY ecru hat
    FULLSUN HATSY ecru hat

    HATSY White

    HAT $65.00
    Out of stock
  3. Fullsun Hatsy khaki hat
    Fullsun Hatsy khaki hat

    HATSY Khaki

    HAT $65.00
  4. Braxton Hatsy beige hat
    Braxton Hatsy beige hat

    HATSY Beige

    HAT $65.00
  5. Fullsun Hatsy white hat
    Fullsun Hatsy white hat

    HATSY White

    HAT $65.00
  6. Yellow OLLIE HATSY openwork hat
    Yellow OLLIE HATSY openwork hat

    HATSY Yellow

    HAT $63.00

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This season, wear a borsalino hat for a legendary and refined look ! Functional and timeless, the borsalino style hat owes its reputation to its particular shape that gives it its resistance and practicality. Assert a classy, elegant and modern style thanks to the borsalino hat and its high cap completed with a ribbon or a braid. Traditionally in felt for urban dwellers the borsalino is found on beaches in its straw version.