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Coppa D

Costumi da bagno coppa D collezione 2020

Costumi da bagno coppa D: collezione 2020


17 oggetto(i)


17 oggetto(i)

Volete valorizzare un seno con coppe D ? Niente di più facile! Mettete in evidenza i vostri punti di forza grazie a un costume da bagno a fascia, con ferretto o a balconcino. Questi modelli valorizzano chi ha una coppa D, fornendo al contempo un supporto ottimale del seno. Scollatura seducente garantita!

Looking to highlight your D cup ? Nothing could be easier ! Highlight your assets with an underwire balconette swimwear. These models highlight a D cup perfectly, all while ensuring excellent support for the chest. A ravishing neckline guaranteed !

Banana Moon designs for D-Cup swimwear

Women with bigger bra sizes, up to a DD or even a DDD, have hard times finding quality bikini tops with nice and stylish designs. In our women’s swimsuit collection, we created a D cup swimwear line that features 2020 swimsuit trends to provide you with various styles. Enjoy a navy look with a triangle bra or a pin up look with a gingham balconette top. If you prefer a vitamin look when at the sea, enjoy a multi colored print like a palm or Hawaiian design with hints of coral and lime, or a neon animal print.  

Combine your D cup bikini top with the matching bottom or mix it with plain pants. For more options,check pour reversible swimsuits.

Banana Moon shape range for D-Cup swimsuits

No matter the size of your bras, we have featured a wide range of shapes to enhance your curves. You no longer have to get a regular bathing suit, but enjoy the perfect style for your body. While a high waisted swimsuit bottom offers tummy control, our designed D cup tops offer support thanks to their solid straps, allowing comfort for your back. Some of the pieces include a removable shell for a nice round shape.




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