Playsuits 2023 selection

  1. PURDEY HUAWEI rosewood playsuit
    PURDEY HUAWEI rosewood playsuit

    HUAWEI Pink

    ROMPER 102,00 €
  2. JONAH VASILI khaki jumpsuit
    JONAH VASILI khaki jumpsuit

    VASILI Khaki

    Shorts 84,00 €
  3. PURDEY HUAWEI indigo playsuit
    PURDEY HUAWEI indigo playsuit

    HUAWEI Blue

    ROMPER 102,00 €
    Out of stock
  4. PURDEY HUAWEI dark red playsuit
    PURDEY HUAWEI dark red playsuit

    HUAWEI Red

    ROMPER 102,00 €
    Out of stock

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This season, gladly put on playsuits, for an all-in-one look, a master of relaxation ! Appreciated, above all, when good weather arrives, playsuits can be also worn in winter and autumn with leggings or a pair of tights. In a bustier form or lightweight cut for the beach and summer, dare dazzling patterns and color. The quintessence of style is back in black playsuits to accessorize, or flower print playsuits with romantic and vintage accents.