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Fashion accessories & beach accessory 2019 selection

Fashion accessories & beach accessory : 2019 selection


317 item(s) found

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317 item(s) found

1 / 14 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Through the seasons, summer and winter, fashion accessories are a girly essential ! On the head, nose, around the neck and to the tips of your fingers, accessory fashion is the little trendy detail that brightens up an outfit and renews a piece that has been worn and worn again.
In winter, warm up in style from head to toe snuggling up in a scarf or shawl then sliding on gloves and a hat matching your coat. When the sun is at its peak, a summer note resonates on accessories. Ensure an enviable tan thanks to sun products, monie of Tahiti and tanning cream. At the beach slide a beach pillow, a fouta or a beach towel into your wicker basket and stroll on the sandy beach in flip flops and a straw hat on your head. You just have to pull out your sunglasses, the final touch for a sunny look !
Thanks to the 2019 collection of women’s accessories, perfect your look in no time in the city and the countryside, and also at the beach and the mountains ! Collect accessories to personalize your outfit indefinitely and according to your desires. The secret of the accessory ? It improves in the blink of an eye a sports, beach or everyday outfit : in turns streetwear with sneakers, tomboy style with a cap, retro with a wicker tote, romantic with a floppy sun hat or urban elegant with a borsalino hat.



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