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Private sales swimwear, clothing & accessories

Private sales: swimwear, clothing & accessories


113 item(s) found

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113 item(s) found

1 / 5 3 4
Thanks to private sales there's no more waiting for the winter sales to fulfill your shopping desires! Take advantage of excusive offers on the Banana Moon e-shop and treat yourself with preferential discounts on a selection of top fashion trends. Swimsuits, clothing and accessories: private sales offer you the best prices on the trendiest pieces from 2019 collections. Discovering the best fashions at low prices has never been so easy! No more waiting in stores: take advantage of online private sales on women's, men's and children's swimsuits, clothing and accessories to indulge in your love of fashion.
You'll be spoiled for choice with 1 piece swimsuits or bikinis for women and girls and swim shorts and swim briefs for men. Prefer a classic, fantasy, sporty or sexy look? In search of something to wear by the pool, beach or spa or maybe to wear as a body suit under a pair of pants? No matter what style or model you are looking for there is no better time to treat yourself than during private sales. Not-to-be-missed clothing and accessories at exclusive discounted prices as well as tops, bottoms, hats, shoes, sun glasses and essential beach and pool accessories. In just a few clicks add new clothes to your wardrobe to be worn the whole year long! To be sure not to miss any of the private Banana Moon sales, don't forget to sign up for the newsletter!



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