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Women's swimwear : Selection

A symbol of relaxation, getting away, heat, the outdoors and sport activities, women’s swimwear are worn according to one’s tastes, water sports and the seasons. A must-have in the summer, it is also indispensible all year long to escape to the sun, jump in the water, lounge happily or just show off in the hammam, on the beach and by the pool.
Women's swimwear

434 Item(s) found

434 Item(s) found

Rather modest or preferring to highlight feminine curves without exposing too much ? Choose THE safe bet with a classic one piece swimsuit. To make yourself more visible and to be sure to make waves on the beach or during swimming sessions, choose a one piece swimsuit with an open back, a deep V neck, mesh insert, push up or even bustier. The two piece swimsuit and the bikini appeal to the most uninhibited women or those wanting to work on their tan. With a two piece swimsuit, a women uncovers more of her body and asserts her personality from head to toe. Bandeau, tankini, triangle, push up, bralette, balconnette, underwire... We can pick and choose from a wide array of tops ! Bottoms are also available in different models : more or less low cut briefs, high waistline, Brazilian, thong, shorty... And with the boxer or short, there is no hesitation when choosing the masculine dressing style for more comfort, while remaining feminine and girly at all times.




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